Ventura Rising Stars- the industry recommended Ventura County acting classes for kids

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Valuable skills

In VRS kids acting class for TV/film and commercials in Ventura, Every child  will benefit by learning how to appropriately present themselves at an interview/audition situation,  and how to confidently introduce themselves - a valuable skill for anyone.

VRS has the industry recommended acting classes for kids in Ventura. Young actors pursuing professional acting will gain industry knowledge in every class. They will also learn about tools of the trade, like headshots, scripts, sides, etc.; and learn how to break down a script, cold read, and build character. 

As well as learning acting skills, professional tips will be given in every class.

The techniques I teach are the same ones you'll find at many top Hollywood acting schools. If your child is present and pays attention to these lessons, they will be learning all the necessary techniques and skills, and won't have to sit in the car for hours driving back and forth to L.A.  My classes are small, and I teach every class myself, so I get to know your child; unlike many bigger acting schools. 


Always something new!

Monica knows that kids learn best when it's fun. Her acting classes are never boring because she switches up the lessons and adds new things frequently. Some classes are film shoots! These acting classes for kids are fun for young actors as well as kids in Ventura who just want to have fun while becoming more confident in front of people.


A safe outlet for creative energy

Students are always encouraged to be creative and express themselves. Props and costumes add to the fun!

VRS students can learn real industry skills


What parents are saying about the program

"I wish we had known about Monica's class sooner! This is a real gem in our area. The audition technique is the same as what we've done in L.A. but more fun and smaller classes means the  kids get more on-camera time. Plus, less wasted time in the car, yay! Also, Monica actually makes films for her students that actually get them IMDb credits, which aren't easy to get. That is huge for anyone pursuing an acting career. I haven't seen any other acting teacher who does this. Thank you, Monica!" - Connie Sheer

"Our manager requests coaching with Monica before every big audition- it really helps!" - Robert Burns

"My daughter began taking classes from Monica Huntington over two and a half years ago ( she was 9) and I am so impressed by the confidence and self-esteem that she has acquired due to Monica's teachings. Monica is able to see talent and expand on her students strengths through fun group activities. My daughter used to be socially shy but now stands tall, looks people in the eye with a smile, and walks confidently. I can't tell you how impressed and delighted my family and I are by the skills she's learned.  Furthermore, Monica's students feel safe in expressing themselves in her class and this practice extends to outside of class. I recommend her class to anyone regardless of whether they want to get into acting or just be the best they can be!"  - Adele Bonge

"My daughter loves Ventura Rising Stars and so do I.  Monica is wonderful with the kids.  My daughters self confidence has really  grown since being in this class.  When I saw her on stage for the  first time, I could not believe this was my shy beautiful daughter.  She really looks forward to going to class and making sure she  has her lines prepared.  When Monica made a short film with the  kids, my daughter was so excited.  The experience of how a film  works and what is involved in making a film was a one of a kind  experience.  Plus, the film was really fantastic.  All of the kids in  this class are all friendly, talented young people. I highly  recommend Ventura Rising Stars and Monica to everyone." -Vikki Diaz

What students are saying about the classes

"I’ve been acting for several years, and during that time I’ve had the chance to take a few different acting classes (even the most expensive in LA with “top” teachers) and none of them compare to the time I’ve had in Monica’s classes! She teaches with extensive knowledge since she's been a working actress herself, and has been able to give me tips to help my acting career that no other teacher has.. Besides that,  she teaches in a way that’s fun too, which makes the class cool for kids who aren’t looking for a professional career. Monica has done a lot and even made her own films. I think that if you’re looking to become a better actor or even just have a more confident presence, Monica is definitely the best teacher around!!" , Madison Casas

"The exercises we do in class really prepared me for what  they asked me to do in the audition today!" -Madison Casas  

"The acting class has helped my acting so much and helped me on my auditions! I grow more and more every time I take the class! The class is not just to help me with acting, but it's to have a lot of fun! I always look forward to the classes!" -Kaylyne Brittle

What industry is saying about Ventura Rising Stars

"Ventura Rising Stars is the essential Ventura County acting class for aspiring young actors"  -Daniel Wojack, licensed talent agent, Betwixt Talent, LA