Ventura Rising Stars- the industry recommended Ventura County acting classes for kids


Can my child audit or "try" 1 class?

I don't encourage this. Most kids are comfortable by the end of the first class but It may take a couple of classes to get into the routine. Since the sessions are only 8 weeks it is a short amount of time to commit to and to really get the full experience.  WIth that being said, if your child is really afraid, then YES, the 1st or 2nd class of a session can be taken and paid for at that time ($50 which is applied to the entire session if you enroll)

My child is auditioning for pro jobs, will this class be advanced enough?

YES! During class, I assess each child's skill level, and I assign scenes accordingly. If your child is really advanced, I hand out more difficult scenes and/or I coach that child at a professional level to prepare them for casting directors and auditions.

The techniques I teach my advanced students are the same ones you'll find at many top Hollywood acting schools. If your child is present and pays attention to these lessons, they will be learning all the necessary techniques and skills, and won't have to sit in the car for hours driving back and forth to L.A.  My classes are small, and I teach every class myself, so I get to know your child; unlike many bigger acting schools. 

My child is socially awkward or shy, is this the right class?

YES! Many shy children have taken my class and parents have told me afterward that their child gained so much from the class. Some of them went on to become the announcers at their school talent shows, ran for class president, just got better at reading in front of their class, or decided to pursue professional acting!

My child is in 2nd grade but very advanced, can we sign up?

Unfortunately, No, not in the 3rd grade and up class. There is a lot of reading and I have found from many years of experience that even if your child is reading at an advanced level, the maturity level just doesn't work with the older kids. 3rd grade is really the youngest that works for the group.

Watch  newsletters for new classes for younger kids.

My child is in high school, will he/she be too old?

The answer depends on your child. I always have a mix of ages and I coach each child according to their skill level regardless of age, which is how it is on a pro film set. Kids who want to learn these skills and are OK with being around some younger kids really excel, because they have a chance to learn pro techniques and can be role models

What are the ages of the kids in the class?

I never know the answer to this until right before the class starts and everyone has signed up. It's a mix, usually with a few middle schoolers and a couple slightly younger and a couple slightly older

What will my child learn in the class?

I teach acting for TV/film and commercials.  The techniques we practice in class are cold reading, scene study and improv. These are professional skills that are necessary for professional actors to practice and for non-actors it's fun because we use current scripts from shows the kids know.

Can you help my child get into the business or help us get to the next level?

Yes, I'd be happy to help you with that! See  my professional guidance section on the previous page and let me know if you'd like to schedule a meeting.

Is this an improv class?

It's an acting class, but we do improv exercises in every class as well as scripted exercises. Both techniques are important for actors and fun and useful for non-actors!

Do you know where we can get headshots done?

I do headshot photography also!  It's important if you are pursuing an acting career that you go to a photographer that specializes in ACTOR headshots. I know the shots that agents and casting directors like and I guarantee my work.

See my headhsot gallery on the next page for some examples of my work.

Can you tell me how to find an agent?

I can definitely give you advice on how to get started and how to look for an agent, or give tips to make the most of your efforts if you already have an agent.

See my professional guidance section on the "classes and services" page, and let me know if you'd like to schedule a meeting.

Are any of your students working in Hollywood?

YES! Several of my students are busy actors. See what some of them are up to on the "about us" page.