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Our Mission

The goal

In these Acting classes for kids in Ventura, children build Confidence and self esteem while natural talent is encouraged and nurtured through self expression, improvisation and development of learned professional level acting skills.

Whether your child wants to become a professional actor, or simply wants to feel more comfortable talking to people,  or reading out loud in class or public speaking, the skills taught here will prove invaluable in all aspects of life.

Monica's technique

Monica easily relates to kids and understands each child learns in a different way. She takes the time to know your child,  giving individualized lessons so that each child progresses at their own comfortable pace. 

Monica's  extensive training with Hollywood's most popular acting coaches prepared her for acting and it is that training that she has applied to her unique industry-recommended program for kids. The kids who are pursuing professional careers can learn all of these important skills if they are present in the classes. They have the benefit of learning the top techniques they need to compete without the stress and time of a commute to L.A. The kids who take the class for fun are gaining confidence with each class.  

With fun acting exercises, children expand their social and emotional development.

Small class size allows each child to shine.

Whether your child is a natural born performer- the next Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Lawrence; or a shy wall flower waiting to bloom, this is the place to be!

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